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MS-Related Organizations

Web Resources for Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

The following official websites of various MS-related organizations provide information, education, and support to individuals with MS, their families, and other interested individuals. Topics include MS research, disease treatments, symptom management, MS center locations, additional resources, and social/community support.

The American Academy of Neurology

Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC)
www.mscare.org or www.narcoms.org

International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

The Heuga Center

The Latin American Association for Multiple Sclerosis

Sponsored Educational Sites

The following official websites are sponsored by the marketers of the approved disease-modifying drugs for MS. In addition to providing information, education, and support to individuals with MS, their families, and other interested individuals, these sites may also give specific drug information regarding administration and side effects. Other services available at no charge may include educational classes and programs as well as online access to a nurse or other medical professional for specific answers and explanations.

Avonex® (marketed by Biogen) at www.avonex.com
and “MS Active Source” at www.msactivesource.com

Betaseron® (marketed by Berlex Laboratories) at www.betaseron.com
and “MS Pathways” at www.mspathways.com

Copaxone® (marketed by Teva Neuroscience) at www.copaxone.com
and “Shared Solutions” at www.sharedsolutions.com
also, “MS University” at http://www.mswatch.com/education/
(offering “classes”)
and “MS Community” at http://www.mswatch.com/community/
(offering “online community”)

Novantrone® (marketed by Serono) at www.novantrone.com
(with a link to “MS LifeLines”)

Rebif ® (marketed by Serono/Pfizer) at www.rebif.com
and “MS LifeLines” at www.mslifelines.com

Tysabri ® (marketed by Biogen Idec and Elan) at www.tysabri.com and "MS Active Source" at www.msactivesource.com

Serono/Pfizer sponsors the MS section of WebMD,
“ Center for Living with MS” at www.livingwithms.com

WebMD may be also accessed through www.webmd.com
and users can sign-up to receive email updates on MS

Other Resources

Betaseron Champions of Courage

MS Leaders of Hope

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Christopher Reeve Foundation

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